My heart is sad for people who deny Christ. I am really sad at the state these people are in, and yet they have no clue they are denying the only God of the universe, their only hope for eternal life. I have heard it said before, that hell will be ok, since my friends are going there. Woe to the people that say this! Hell will NOT be ok.. it is forever and ever in a state of torment, complete and utter hopelessness, and separation from the source of love and comfort, the Lord Jesus Christ. I know the fight of the Christian is not against flesh and blood, but against the devil and his forces of wickedness, but oh how I wish everyone would run to Christ.

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Exceptions galore

An error occurred

Application error

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ugh,  lol

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Ok, so I’ve been working on a project for a client. Got the signup and login completed so far, and have setup the database. I’m working on the members section, and right now I am stuck on trying to execute a query with a static variable, but it’s not running it right. I’m using Zend Framework for this project, and also have got a solid MVC layout in place for the project, (routing page requests, controllers, views, models, etc). Stay tuned for more updates about this project, (name Currico)!

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Killer song beat

So I was listening to and heard Cosmos (outer space) by Tatu. The beat is awesome, and I don’t know, hearing two Russian girls sing, maybe it’s their accent or just their style of singing, but it has a nice fast-paced beat and catchy tunes.

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First Blog Entry

Hello everyone

This is my first entry, more to come later.


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